Oral Chemo Parity Passes in Subcommittee

March 17, 2017

A bill that would prohibit health plans from requiring cancer patients to pay more for oral therapy than for IV or another form of treatment passed in the House Insurance and Banking Subcommittee this week.

SB 922/ HB 1059 is sponsored by Sen. Bill Ketron (R-Murfreesboro) and Rep. William Lamberth (R-Cottonwood).

It would prohibit health plans that already offer coverage for cancer treatment from requiring cancer patients to pay an out-of-pocket for oral therapy that is higher than the cost of cancer treatment administered by IV or another format.

The bill passed 6-4 out of the subcommittee on Wednesday after a motion to send it to summer study failed. It is on the calendar for the full Insurance and Banking Committee on Tuesday.

Rep. Lamberth told members of the subcommittee that the bill is not a coverage mandate. He asked members not to send the bill to summer study.

“I just don’t think it’s fair to everybody who has put so much time into this bill,” he said.